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About ProductizedKit

Since 2015, I’ve been able to make recurring, predictable income, provide jobs to great talents and live with time freedom. In the past, I was a burned out freelance graphic designer with decent income but trading hours for dollars and slave to my clients. Turning my freelancing model into a productized service business changed all that and I would like to share my journey with you on how you can do this too.

Why You Are Here

All you want to do is to:

🍞 End feast or famine once and for all

👻 End scope creep – When will there ever be a “final”?

⏰ Stop selling away your time

🤑 Make passive income doing anything you want (eg. while sleeping)

💰 Make recurring predictable income

💡 Solve problems

🏄‍♀️ Achieve financial independence and freedom

🌊 Less selling, more customer flow

💼 Create an asset of your own

🚀 Scale your business so that it can run without you

I’ve tried everything from working solo to reduce operation costs and hiring –
to raising my rates to earn more and work less.

They didn’t help to give me income on off days like Christmas vacations or
when I had to “take leave” for some windsurfing or a hernia operation.

I wouldn’t know what to do with my kids during COVID-19 lockdowns if I was
still selling my time as a solo freelancer.

Do you feel the same way?

It’s not about earning more, but building a machine to fund your life ASAP!

Productizing your services is the magic bullet and you can learn everything in one day. Start here right now.